Friday, 19 March 2010

Mortgages in Slow Property Market

We close one September with the tax reform that has given so much as talking to investment property investors and mortgage, with data consolidated almost economies of the European union and with bad result for Spain.

The IMF notes that Spain will head the ranking behind the EU countries in a day in which we have known that housing prices went down 7.7% as the INE and 8.3 % according to the Housing Ministry and the Euribor has closed another month at historical lows and accumulates 12 months followed by descents.

In this scene, housing and more specifically, the mortgage is a constant source of information, how to choose the proper mortgage in which items we must fix our attention, which will succeed if the Euribor rises or if the European Central Bank increases official types.

To answer these and other issues simulators commercial loans Mortgage exist. Tools online that can calculate all the conditions of the mortgage, taking into account interest rates, fees, expenses inherent in the operation, additional products, time, age, etc..

Between simulators outstanding mortgages we find the following:

AHE: Spanish agency mortgage simulator comprehensive analysis of any variable.

Bankimia: A simulator of loans that compares over 200 buy to let mortgage offers from 40 banks and savings banks.

A calculation mortgage NET: A simulator for analyzing variables such as the pro rata share of products related to mortgage quota.

A simulator Mortgage Banquando: Very complete and suitable for any commercial mortgage application.

A simulator Mortgage d 'Idealist: It calculates the proportion of periods of mortgage loans and credits.

With this mortgages tool we can know a priori which will cost the mortgage housing that we acquire, and all platforms of Low Cost housing that have switched agencies to reduce their stocks have simulators mortgage .